Sharing your Talents

Before I add another commentary, I am hoping that interested people read and  participate if they wish, in a dialogue about living our lives from a spiritual perspective. This is not a favourite topic in our society.

While money is very important in order to eat well, have comfortable accommodations and meet the other needs of our families, too often it is seen as the main purpose for living. Movies and some public figures extol the virtues of being rich since it will lead to accumulating many possessions so that others will be impressed with your success. Now there is nothing wrong with having things as long as you earn them honestly and share. The latter can take the form of donating to worthwhile charities for example or volunteering.

Indeed, sharing your talents with others – whether it be family, friends, acquaintances or strangers should be at the heart of any mature religion. Naturally, volunteering may be easier to undertake in our youth and /or more senior years after a family has been raised  or the person has enough financial security. However, even some full time workers can feel a strong sense of purpose when they can volunteer even for limited times. ( eg. a dinner that is fundraising for charity).

In short, giving of ourselves to others is important to our happiness and well-being. Indeed, volunteers that contribute to the welfare of others without worrying about whether they will impress others with their noble deeds, usually live longer than more selfish individuals. As Mother Teresa used to say, God loves when we perform small things like giving someone a cup of tea when done with love.





4 thoughts on “Sharing your Talents

  1. Beautifully written and so true! Volunteering in my Church and in my community has been an incredible blessing during challenging times in my life. It has made me grateful for all that I have, opened my eyes to the immeasurable needs of the less fortunate and it has given me hope, having witnessed the dedication and sacrifice of other volunteers.
    We all struggle to find time in our busy lives, whether you’re 29 or 69, working or retired. We all have priorities and excuses. I am so glad I have had this time to make a difference in the lives of others because it has made a difference in my life that I did not expect.


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