The Ego and Me August 29/16

Our society usually emphasizes the accomplishments of the individual to such a degree that any thought of the collective well-being is sometimes forgotten. How many movies have you seen where they use the line: he (or she ) is the best there is. It could be referring to a doctor, lawyer, athlete or anyone else. The idea is that nothing less than near  perfection is tolerable. Hence, it is no wonder people sometimes feel inadequate because who can possibly be flawless?

Indeed, mistakes are a major sign of weakness. Individuals feel compelled to inform others how good they are compared to others. Now a healthy ego must feel good about itself especially in the first half of life where one must compete for a job and find a suitable spouse or partner. Everyone must feel they are contributing in a meaningful way at home and at work-at least to some degree.

Hopefully by the second half of life one will be more cognizant of the needs of others. In fact, Carlo Carretto, a desert mystic says that we suffer less when we think of others more. Being selfish usually means we are not seeing the divine spark present in each person. Helping another reveals that we are all struggling to do the best we can on this earthly sojourn. Ask God where and how you can best serve others.


carlo carretto


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