Becoming Fully Human Sept.6/16

In a hyper-competitive society it is difficult to show any kind of vulnerability because to some

this implies weakness. Further, we are not here just to achieve success and reach a higher social status. We are here in God’s image, to love one another through both word and deed.

Movies make it seem easy to love but of course it is extremely difficult particularly if we have had a difficult day at work or are encountering someone who is very different from us whether it be their culture, ethnicity, race and so on. To love means having noble intentions and acting on behalf of another. Oftentimes, we forget we are capable on our better days, of loving others genuinely. WE in turn if inspired by faith, can encourage others in turn to be just a bit more loving. Fear freezes us while love warms and opens us.  (Jean Vanier) Everyone yearns deeply to be loved and appreciated. If we are spurned by others we may become bitter. I dislike the acronym V. I.P. simply because it impliess that one human being has more worth than another.

While one person may have more responsibility than another, in the eyes of God we are all equal. However, if we do not feel secure, we may have a desire to let another know how intelligent we are, or how much we have accomplished so that another recognizes our superiority. Of course there is nothing wrong with being proud of what we do in our career for example, as long as we do not make another feel inferior intentionally. Hence, while speaking to another, we should try to be aware of our motivation in the present moment. This is difficult but a greater level of consciousness can be sought if we contemplate on a regular basis. Nevertheless, do not condemn yourself if you acted selfishly at first when trying to impress another but having recognized this fact, try to do better next time.

God bless.

Michael F.

Jean Vanier inspired me in this blog.


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