Life, the Way It Is

WE can never comprehend the vicissitudes of life no matter how much we might try. Besides, we were never meant to anyway. If we cannot accept that we have little control over what happens in our lives, then we may admire people who supposedly appear self-assured and in charge of their destinies. This last point overlooks the fact that we are all vulnerable precisely because we are human. We all must live with our imperfections and if we do, we will likely forgive others for theirs as well. Tolerance of others usually means we feel a greater sense of peace internally and with one another.

Yet here is the really good news. Since God created the universe, God is to be discovered in everything. This applies to the

darker, unhappy aspects of life too. For example, I visited a long-term care facility

to witness patients who could not feed themselves, patients crying out for attention, patients who could not sit still even for a moment and patients who could not communicate. A place for the aged and infirm is not exactly a joyful place at the best of times. However, in the midst of the infirm, God is present. Nurses dispense medications, nursing aides feed those bound in wheel-chairs, PSW hold hands and comfort the afflicted and other caregivers offer a smile and kind word to the distressed.  This love and dedication can be seen daily, rendering it all the more remarkable. This feat is phenomenal as the care givers are not seen with the same status as a someone with power, wealth and status. In short, the long-term care workers, serve quietly

no doubt, without the three “virtues” so highly valued in our culture. Essentially, the higher selves in their natures, what we call the presence of the Holy Spirit in Christianity, is active in the lives of these people. Truly, they are living out the gospel, despite their own imperfections because of the love they exhibit towards the patients. Certainly this is my perspective as I have a loved one living there.

Do you wish to increase your own sense of peace? Then, thank those unsung heroes that help you and your loved ones by expressing gratitude towards people who genuinely and  unselfishly care for others. You will be happy you did as we find it so much easier to criticize than to give praise. I see Mother Teresa active here in many ways!



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