The Importance of Soul

image009Today there is so much emphasis placed on our resumes. Naturally, this is important for obtaining  a job in a competitive world. What we do however, is not as crucial as how

we do it. Some careers have more responsibility than others of course but in every job,

we are capable of being present to others. Many of Mother Teresa’s tasks were mundane but she and her sisters bestowed great love upon the poorest of the poor. She ministered to everyone regardless of faith. She courageously approached the ill and dying on the streets of Calcutta. Those on the margins were significant to her. Our society admires those that are rich, powerful and  so called successful. Mother Teresa believes we are created in the image of God and therefore peers into a person’s soul  and not the size of their bank account. Of course we require good wages to pay for food, shelter and health care but money does not have to be our main incentive in life. Possessions dissipate but the soul is eternal.

Hence, how can we improve our spiritual life? Well, we must try not to think that the universe revolves around us. Naturally, on our own, this is very difficult to do. Our egocentricity is tamed by meditation. This is one of the few instances where the obsessive mind is stopped somewhat, allowing God to speak to our souls. They may not be actual words but ideas or images that sometimes percolate to the surface. Sometimes the prayer will be fruitful, sometimes dry; nevertheless, the individual effort to pray often calms the person and puts their life in perspective. How do I wish to spend my days? How can I make a real difference in the lives of those I encounter daily? These types of questions may arise

afterwards. If you are a parent you can read patiently to your children; you can cook dinner for your spouse or partner. You can visit a friend in the hospital. You can volunteer for St Vincent De Paul  and assist the poor even if you are only available for short shifts due to family and work schedules. These are the sorts of things that contribute to building our souls!

Inspired by Anna Quindlen in the Catholic New Times


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