Being Awake

image003Our world yearns for perfection but this is seldom seen unless it is witnessed in magazines.

We are sometimes overly concerned about how we look. Men can be sensitive about a

receding hair-line whereas many women worry about their weight. It is difficult to be loving when we at distraught by the cost of housing, whether our children will find

suitable employment, and how to care for an elderly parent who is struggling with health issues. It is no wonder then that out internal critic  launches into self-induced criticisms convincing

us to see life in negative terms. Conflicts with children, co-workers and /or service providers add to our woe. Consequently, we may feel that if we were to meet Jesus, he would see us with jaundiced eyes too. But this is NOT so. God creates us as imperfect children and loves us the way we are!  Indeed, we have to be aware of strong self – criticism. For example, my wife and I looked after our young grandchildren and I was upset with myself when my granddaughter  was so congested she woke up crying with a stuffy nose. I forgot to put on the dehumidifier because she was fine at bedtime; why did you forget the inner critic exclaims?  I prayed about this. My deeper self says you and your wife lovingly responded to their every need, but were unaware of a cold that manifested itself during the night. This may seem trivial but we deeply care about looking after the grandchildren well when called upon. I felt relieved afterwards.

God will always make us feel good about ourselves when we have done our best.

The false self ( some say the devil or evil spirit) will make us feel discouraged and even upset no matter how good our effort. Remember  we are made in the image of God; we carry the divine spark. Hence, we are capable of doing great deeds. They do not have to be spectacular like the Toronto fireman who recently rescued a woman on a crane perched high above the city. Being aware of our goodness should permit us to perform, as Mother Teresa says, small acts of love that may have a profound impact on the person

receiving the assistance.


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