My name is Michael Finoro and I am a Spiritual Director in Guelph. I am interested in listening to folks who wish to talk about their lives and how this relates to their sense of spirituality.  While I am a Christian, I am willing to engage with people of all faiths and backgrounds.

We face many challenges in life and so it is important to pray or meditate so that our higher self can emerge more than our lower self. Hopefully, we will recognize that we all have our faults and so will be more reticent to judge others. Jesus indicates this message when he speaks about the ‘ log in one’s eye.’

However, we must be patient with ourselves as we can never be perfect.

I have always been interested in spirituality ever since I was a young boy. Prayer of course is not just saying words but trying to follow images, ideas or feelings that come from God deep within ourselves when we have the urge to love others selflessly.
Nevertheless, we must forgive ourselves regularly as we cannot always live out of our Higher selves.

Paradoxically, we are imperfect yet carry the divine spark within each of ourselves.

WE are all capable of expressing love when we ask God to grant us His/ Her grace. (God has the best male/female attributes). Presently, I am a retired secondary school teacher who is now a spiritual director in Guelph.

Feel free to respond with your thoughts!